Are you looking for a secure and accessible solution to send money abroad for healthcare purposes?

COMESO Offers Just That!

Top up credit for medical purposes, ensuring that your financial support for loved ones abroad is directed specifically for their healthcare needs.

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Welcome to COMESO!

We are solving the issue of medical care for family members in the home countries of the Afro-diaspora.
With COMESO we make health-related money transactions safe, accessible, and affordable. We want to ensure health is your priority.

Why Choose Us?

Safety and Security

Our platform uses the latest technology to ensure that all transactions are secure and protected.


Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to access and manage medical funding for loved ones abroad.


We believe that access to healthcare should be a right for all, and our platform is designed to make it affordable for everyone, without sacrificing quality.

We are what you need
An affordable healthcare payment method for everyone.

Remittances are fundamental for most families in countries where medical aid & insurance is expensive With COMESO, senders can make sure that the remittances they send for health reasons are really spent on medicines and health institutions.

HealthCare is our mission

The mission is to provide a platform that connects the African diaspora with trusted and transparent healthcare providers in their home countries, while also ensuring that health-related remittances are used for their intended purposes.

Register and Top Up

Sign up and add funds to your account.

Send Health Credit

Transfer health credit to your recipient.

Pay at Licensed Partners

Use the credit to pay for medical services at our licensed partner institutions.

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